"We’ve been coming to Thayer since 2010. I am convinced that what we are doing with our leaders has played a significant role in the success of 7-Eleven. Ensuring we continue to dedicate the time and resources to train the leaders of our organization will drive the future success of the brand."
— Chris Tanco, Chief Operating Officer

Atlantic Broadband
"We have had the honor of working closely with Thayer Leadership on both individual and team leadership development. Sending our emerging leaders to the Battle-Tested Leadership Strategies Open Enrollment program has now become standard practice for us and is an integral part of our program. Most recently, Brigadier General (Ret.) Rebecca Halstead, spoke..."
— Rich Shea, President & CEO

Atlantic Broadband
"At the start of the [online] program, I was unsure if our participants would be able to maintain their course work in addition to their day jobs and home life, but that concern was quickly diminished. I was impressed with how well it was presented in small bites so that participants could maintain..."
— Courtney Long, Former Vice President, Customer Care

Atlantic Broadband
"The experience is life-changing. You get an opportunity to meet women with different experiences, cultures, backgrounds who have one common denominator - being women."
— Kathie Levergood, Director Customer Care

B.W. Furlong & Associates
"Our business is a family-owned veterinary practice that has been in business for over 30 years under the same owner. Coming into the training with Thayer, there were some reservations from our leadership group about how relevant military-based leadership training would be to our organization. After only a few minutes of listening to..."
— Adam Furlong, Vice President - Operations

Cardinal IG
"As a West Point graduate, I think I took West Point for granted. Those who have not been to West Point are tremendously impacted by the venue. As a location, there is no better place than West Point to host a leadership development event. Our three-day Thayer Leadership experience was a life-changing and..."
— Dave Pinder, President

Cincinnati Reds
"Having Thayer Leadership work with our organization was a memorable and valuable experience for our players, coaches, and front office. With interesting concrete examples from the faculty’s own experience, he was able to demonstrate how the military develops a leadership culture, and got us thinking about how we could incorporate this into the..."
— Jeff Graupe, Director of Player Development

Continental Automotive Group
"Absolutely powerful! Assembling my leaders in-person, for the first time in a long time, is key to our growth and even greater future success—particularly as we gear-up for post-COVID in-person business operations. We have found such value in this experience that we’ve returned three times. I cannot describe how beneficial it was to..."
— Will Hardeman, Managing Partner

Cox Automotive Inc
"Knowing the care, planning and skill that goes into a custom Thayer program like the one we just experienced, I am extraordinarily grateful for each of you! I truly cannot imagine a better experience or outcome for these amazing leaders. You created memories, relationships and awarenesses that will impact literally thousands of people..."
— Dana Hughes, Director - Client Services

"When we brought the board to West Point, it was pivotal for me and the board. I've always been a big fan of kind the military way of doing things and how you build teams and the trust that’s built there. When I went through that it was pretty amazing to just see..."
— Mike Fucci, Chairman of the Board

EMCOR Group, Inc
"With EMCOR's focus on leader development, we have experienced both financial success, but more importantly, the successful development of people. In 2012, we embarked on a journey to train our top 200 leaders through our vigorous Leadership and Ethics program at Thayer. We have been pleased by the positive impact – not only..."
— Tony Guzzi, President & CEO

Fidelity Capital Markets
"I’m not usually a fan of these kind of sessions, but I found the Thayer Leadership event to be incredibly valuable. We have some work to do, but with the framework that we developed in conjunction with the Thayer team, we are in a place to go from good to great."
— Brian Conroy, President

"The Thayer Leadership digital curriculum is unique and perfectly designed to grow talent across all levels and experience. The custom blend of self-paced online learning, self-reflection, and live virtual engagements with the team provided a highly-personalized and engaging experience ensuring optimal impact for all learning styles. My team truly enjoyed the experience and..."
— Brian Watson, Sr. Director Region in Market Operations

Greif, Inc.
"The values and course outline of the Thayer Leadership training is a perfect match with the mindset and values we train within Greif. We therefore brought almost 200 leaders from around the world to Thayer, giving them a common reference point around their personal leadership. They are now deploying their improved skills and..."
— Ole Rosgaard, Chief Executive Officer

HP Hood
"I have just completed the Thayer Values Driven Leadership Journey. I found that the level of interaction and camaraderie for a remote training has far exceeded my expectations. The combination of lecture, reflections, and team interaction has been well orchestrated and in sound balance. This past weekend, I was discussing this digital program..."
— Richard R. Kovarik, Vice President of ESL/Aseptic Operations

Lord Abbett & Co. LLC
"Thayer Leadership has had a profound, transformational impact on our firm. The incredible character and knowledge of the faculty and ownership; the awe inspiring location of the Thayer Hotel; and the world class curriculum are second to none. All the training from Thayer is helping our team in a big way. You guys..."
— Doug Sieg, Managing Partner

Mercedes Benz
"I cannot tell you enough how much I support the leader development program. The lessons we got [from Thayer] fully grounded in the latest leadership research and combat tested are lessons not only relevant but desperately needed in corporate America! Values based leadership...it is sorely lacking and in my opinion only one institution..."
— Stephen Cannon, Former President & CEO

Mercedes Benz
"This Leadership Academy was created to support and develop our most important asset of our organization: our people. The program [was] created in partnership with one of the world's best centers for leadership development: Thayer Leadership. We chose Thayer because they are specialists in developing leaders of high performing organizations."
— Dietmar Exler, Former President & CEO

Mercedes Benz
"The Thayer Leadership Online Program far exceeded my expectations! I was unsure of how effective an online leadership program could be, but was impressed with how interactive the program is and how well it was presented. The program is well designed to not only teach participants about the key tenets of leadership, but..."
— Mike McAbee, Former Department Manager - Sales & Leadership Training

"Dan Rice, President of Thayer Leadership, spoke with the senior management of Point72 from Ukraine during an air raid about leadership, the relevance of Thayer's Leadership's curriculum for business leaders, and the diplomatic, informational, military, and economic conditions facing the Ukrainian nation and its military. Addressing any of these topics well would be..."
— Ross Brown, Special Assistant to the COO

Samuel, Son, & Co.
"I have been fortunate to be exposed to a fair number of leadership development programs through my business life, and I’ve enjoyed and learned from all of them. But for several reasons, the program at Thayer really resonated with me and my executive team. The philosophy and messaging is clear and the tools..."
— Colin Osborne, President & CEO

Stryker Instruments
"I brought my team to West Point in order to be a catalyst for our Global Supply Team to work more closely together as one team. That event set the stage for the creation of a single global supply team and led to subsequent sessions at West Point which have proven to be..."
— John Haller, VP Global Supply

Stryker Instruments
"To a person, we were not sure what to expect. But, during our Thayer Leadership program, we were stretched and made uncomfortable through the discussions that we had. Thank you for pushing us. We cannot thank you enough for what you do. I commit to inspire the group and conduct an AAR within..."
— Jim Heath, President

Synchrony Financial
"We thought this was a great opportunity for us to leverage Thayer Leadership as a way to become almost our Crotonville, if you will, and that's how we talk about it here. I think anyone who’s passed through West Point and gone through any of the trainings that we have, everyone writes me..."
— Margaret Keane, President & CEO

The Lee Company
"I really enjoyed the program, both the classwork and the outdoor activities, it left me wanting more. I wanted to relay the fantastic job your staff and faculty did all week. It was truly an enlightening experience!"
— John J. Bean, Jr., Manufacturing Manager- Plug Group

Training Industry
"Our award winning publication, Training Industry Magazine, ranked Thayer as one of the Top 40 companies in leadership development in the world. Recognition into this exclusive list of companies is based on the quality of their learning products and services, innovation and thought leadership in their field, and market penetration and success with top companies..."
— Doug Harward, Founder & CEO

Twickenham Advisors
"This was an enlightening experience that made us even better as a team. It was so powerful to learn in the historic Thayer Hotel just off the campus of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Although there were often words coined in the military, we found that the sessions had tremendous..."
— Zeke Anders, Planning Specialist

"It was an absolute honor to be able to attend Thayer’s Open Enrollment program at West Point. I can speak for my entire team, we all left with a better understanding of how to be better leaders, and with a greater sense of self. The energy and enthusiasm of the faculty became infectious...."
— Dustin Leavitt, CEO

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"Leadership is the fusion of heart and mind."
Brigadier General Rebecca Halstead,(USA, Retired, USMA 1981)
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