"The training and development conducted by Thayer Leadership was truly outstanding. We held a two day session for several executives in our company, and all of us came away energized by what we learned and ready to take on the next leadership challenge. The topics taught were impactful, and the instructors were inspiring...."
— Joe DePinto, CEO

APi Group, Inc.
"On behalf of our group of companies I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the Thayer Leadership team. Our people were impressed and that includes me. Good luck on future groups."
— Lee Anderson, Owner and Chairman

"I have been to many and varied leadership development courses through my 30 year business career. All in all, this was the best corporate leadership sessions that I have had the pleasure to attend. My team has confirmed this with their comments and praise. You provide a unique opportunity to allow corporate America..."
— Tim Tyson, Chairman and CEO

Atlantic Broadband
"We have had the honor of working closely with Thayer Leadership on both individual and team leadership development. Sending our emerging leaders to the Battle-Tested Leadership Strategies Open Enrollment program has now become standard practice for us and is an integral part of our program. Most recently, Brigadier General (Ret.) Rebecca Halstead, spoke..."
— Rich Shea, President & CEO

Atlantic Broadband
"At the start of the Thayer Leadership Online program, I was unsure if our participants would be able to maintain their course work in addition to their day jobs and home life, but that concern was quickly diminished. I was impressed with…how well it was presented in small bites so that participants could..."
— Courtney Long, Vice President, Customer Care

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
"Our two and a half day session with Thayer Leadership was one of the best leadership programs we’ve ever done. We are a group of 13 partners that together run the Investor Services business at BBH. Our group is on the small side for Thayer and it's quite international with three from Asia..."
— Kristen F. Giarrusso, Partner & William B. Tyree, Partner

Cardinal IG
"As a West Point graduate, I think I took West Point for granted. Those who have not been to West Point are tremendously impacted by the venue. As a location, there is no better place than West Point to host a leadership development event. Our three-day Thayer Leadership experience was a life-changing and..."
— Dave Pinder, President

Cincinnati Reds
"Having Thayer Leadership work with our organization was a memorable and valuable experience for our players, coaches, and front office. With interesting concrete examples from the faculty’s own experience, he was able to demonstrate how the military develops a leadership culture, and got us thinking about how we could incorporate this into the..."
— Jeff Graupe, Director of Player Development

Cushman & Wakefield Inc
"Over my professional career of 30 years I’ve participated in a wide variety of professional educational and motivational programs. It is my opinion that the Thayer Leadership program was the best and most effective program I’ve ever experienced. This stems from the fact that West Point as an institution has over two centuries..."
— Gene P. Spiegelman, Vice Chairman, North America Retail Services

"“I was looking for a program that was unlike anything my leadership team had experienced, and Thayer Leadership exceeded my expectations. My team and I walked away with a strategy for success, the motivation to develop strong leaders, and a sense of enlightenment. The feedback from my team has all been very positive...."
— Mike Garcia, President of Domtar's Pulp & Paper Division

EMCOR Group, Inc
"With EMCOR's focus on leader development, we have experienced both financial success, but more importantly, the successful development of people. In 2012, we embarked on a journey to train our top 200 leaders through our vigorous Leadership and Ethics program at Thayer Leadership. When we made this commitment, we expected to get the..."
— Tony Guzzi, President & CEO

Fidelity Capital Markets
"I’m not usually a fan of these kind of sessions, but I found the Thayer Leadership event to be incredibly valuable. We have some work to do, but with the framework that we developed in conjunction with the Thayer team, we are in a place to go from good to great."
— Brian Conroy, President

"The high caliber of faculty on military leadership and the focus on the holistic self during the sessions both indoors and outdoors was very relevant and applicable across a broad range of business scenarios. Thanks again for making it a great session – the average meeting effectiveness score was 9.5 out of 10!"
— Bala Sathyanarayanan, Head of HR

IntrinXec Management, Inc.
"Just heard one of the most empowering and engaging sessions on leadership in my life from LTG (Retired) Frank Kearney. He was part of the team that rescued POW Jessica Lynch 11 years ago. When you hear a story like that and sit back and process the incredible leadership needed to build a..."
— Jaime Nolan, CEO

Knight Point Systems
"I took my leadership team to West Point and was impressed with the quality of the cadre and the high level of instruction that was tailored to my team. From the initial planning to the follow up after our time at West Point was done; the staff and faculty of Thayer Leadership were..."
— Robert Eisiminger, CEO/President

"We recently held a combination business meeting and training session with Thayer Leadership. It was a perfect complement to our strategic plan for 2013 to include the leadership training from Thayer into crafting our 2013 business execution plan. The instruction was fabulous, the venue of the Historic Thayer Hotel and the business lessons..."
— Bill Noble, Senior Vice President

McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc.
"We were looking for a program that was different from the traditional executive leadership training and would help to build the necessary trust and collaboration in our company’s next generation of senior leaders. Our senior leadership group’s two and one-half day Thayer Leadership program at West Point was tailored to our objectives and..."
— Charles Bolyard, Jr., Chairman/CEO & Blake Peck, President/COO

Mercedes Benz
"The Thayer Leadership Online Program far exceeded my expectations! I was unsure of how effective an online leadership program could be, but was impressed with how interactive the program is and how well it was presented. The program is well designed to not only teach participants about the key tenets of leadership, but..."
— Mike McAbee, Department Manager

Mercedes Benz
"I cannot tell you enough how much I support the leader development program. The lessons we got last week fully grounded in the latest leadership research and combat tested are lessons not only relevant but desperately needed in corporate America! Values based leadership...it is sorely lacking and in my opinion only one institution..."
— Stephen Cannon, President & CEO

""Over the last 5 years, I attended 5 “leadership development” courses. Thayer Leadership's program stands alone as the most beneficial overall leadership excellence experience. The course’s exemplary faculty, focused content and overall layout was truly best in class. The group did a great job in condensing several critical leadership principles into 5 valuable..."
— Joe Hauser, VP of the Trauma and Deformity Correction Business

"During my 30 year career with Pfizer, I have had the pleasure of attending 1-2 leadership developmental programs each year. I can, without hesitation, state that the Thayer Leadership put on the best program that I have participated in. It was well-run from start to finish and not a single detail was missed..."
— Michael Wallace, District Business Director

Procter & Gamble
"I can’t tell you how many positive remarks I received from every member of the group including one who said, “This was the best leadership training I’ve received in my entire career at P&G”. Given the length of service in the group, this really says something! From the great kick-off of the Staff..."
— Robert L. Fregolle, Jr., Global Customer Business Development Officer

Procter & Gamble
"Thank you on behalf of P&G’s leadership team for an absolutely terrific experience. The concepts, tools and rich dialogue that you brought to our team have inspired us and stretched our thinking as we look for new approaches to how we grow and develop leaders at P&G. The time that you took upfront..."
— Laura Mattimore, Director, Leadership Development

Procter & Gamble
"Thank you for the truly outstanding experience you provided our P&G leaders at West Point. There is nothing more important to P&G’s continued success than the development of strong leaders with character, values, and capabilities required to lead. Our two day meeting was definitely time well spent towards this objective. And your team’s..."
— Robert McDonald, Chairman and CEO

"This is an opportunity to observe leadership at its finest. So if we can take a few of the things we learned back from this, we all will benefit. We observed Red Bull leadership and now military style leadership. They both show the value of great leadership from different points of view."
— Dean Durling, President

Stryker Instruments
"To a person, we were not sure what to expect. But, during our Thayer Leadership program, we were stretched and made uncomfortable through the discussions that we had. Thank you for pushing us. We cannot thank you enough for what you do. I commit to inspire the group and conduct an AAR within..."
— Jim Heath, President

Stryker Instruments
"The Thayer Leadership Online program was extremely beneficial for our team. The program combined individual work [and participant] interactions to create a truly blended learning environment. The opportunity to have an executive sponsor from the company was a key differentiator that set the program apart from most others. The material is outstanding; talks..."
— John Haller, VP Global Supply

Wiley Rein, LLP
"Overall, the Gettysburg Virtual Staff Ride was a great program. It is unusual for our members to ask for more time, but that is what happened. COL Ryan was excellent – engaged, humorous and informational. She worked with us to tailor our program to the unique needs of the law firm. It was..."
— Kay Nash, Chief Legal Talent Officer

"Besides the excellent service, professional staff and great venue of the Thayer Hotel, we were able to understand and internalize the values, capabilities and passion it takes to lead in the 21st Century. The YPO group comes from various backgrounds and experiences but all came away challenged to be better leaders within their..."
— Patrick Daly, President and CEO, Cohera Medical, Inc.

"We spent two days at West Point learning about leadership and culture – our experience was nothing short of fantastic. The faculty provided an enlightening session on executive leadership and his experience with Fortune 500 companies was quite evident; the Boot Camp provided a fun but challenging, and definitely memorable, experience; and, all..."
— Robert O'Brien, COO & Managing Director, McInnes Cooper

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General Dennis Reimer,(USA, Retired, USMA 1962)
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