At Thayer Leadership, veterans initiatives are of utmost importance to us, as a veteran owned company with faculty who are retired officers and staff who are military spouses and veterans. We are committed to hiring veterans and their families, organizing special events that help honor veterans and support veterans' causes, working with clients who want to support veterans, and recognizing the value that veterans can bring to an organization.

We consistently hear from corporate leaders who want to support Veterans, beyond just hiring practices, but do not know how to start. In order to help these corporate leaders, Thayer created a 13-minute video clip of our Veterans' Support Symposium held at the Nasdaq Marketsite on Veteran's Day 2016. The video recommends both simple and creative ideas for how corporations can offer support by creating their own set of veterans initiatives, based on the 13 categories of support identified by Thayer. 

Thayer co-hosts this annual Veterans' Support Symposium at Nasdaq Marketsite on Veteran's Day to continue the conversation and share best practices for how organizations can support our military, veterans, and their families.