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Effective leadership strategies sometimes require individual or organizational advising to help further develop and refine goals, guide reflection, and create actionable solutions. Thayer Leadership’s consulting services address organizational strategic planning and development. Solutions might include planning and executing effective organizational culture change, planning for successful leader assimilation and transition, aligning corporate vision and strategy, building high-performing teams, and implementing high-performance management systems.  Organizational assessments addressing any of these topics are available and may include interviews, focus groups, or surveys.

To support individual executive development, Thayer Leadership offers coaching services that provide one-on-one access to faculty, who are accomplished and experienced leaders, to help guide you and your organization with new and proven methods for successfully tackling challenges. Our faculty will help you grow by identifying your current strengths and limitations, offering outside perspective, and working with you to set objectives with achievable targets simultaneously ensuring that you and your team are accountable and progressing.

Thayer offers the Thayer Leadership InventoryTM(TLI), a proprietary and validated assessment that evaluates leader capabilities across 6 core dimensions to align leadership and management behaviors to guide an organization toward success and achieve results with integrity. The TLI was developed and validated by Thayer faculty member Colonel (Ret.) Sean Hannah, Ph.D. and Dr. John Sumanth., and is the only assessment that is:

  • Based on military leadership principles and experiences that transfer to corporate environment
  • Integrated into a holistic academic and experiential values-based leader development program
  • Designed to include an individual development plan and one-on-one coaching versus stand-alone tools

The 360-degree, 270-degree, and self-assessment options of the TLI provide robust performance feedback from superiors, peers, direct reports, and individuals. That, along, with a leader development plan workbook and guided mentoring helps leaders improve their leadership across the 6 dimensions and drive personal and organizational growth by:

  • Encouraging employee self-awareness and personal development
  • Empowering leaders to measure how things get done versus what gets done
  • Promoting interpersonal dialogue, working relationships, and overall performance
  • Increasing team and organizational accountability

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"Most important things leaders do: 1) accomplish the mission 2) take care of their people"
Colonel James M. Johnson, Ph.D.,(USA, Retired, USMA 1969)
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