That effective organizations have effective leaders comes as no surprise. Getting there is the challenge. That’s why we design our programs to navigate the crossroads faced by both individuals and organizations as well as aspire to their goals. Our role in creating leaders centers on systemically creating value within an organization by redefining what true leadership is and does. We train individuals to better themselves – and, in turn, their teams – transforming their approach to organizational collaboration. Within this framework, leaders become a powerful tool within their companies, activating a game-changing performance culture in clear reach of its goals.

Knowing that the complexities of leadership often plays out beyond the organization itself, Thayer Leadership programs also focus on the burgeoning need for leaders to operate more effectively across multiple constituency groups in restrictive legal, regulatory, and changing environments. Graduates of Thayer are smart, nimble, decisive, and adaptable – and create differentiation in their world, and ours, by acting opportunistically, intelligently and above all, ethically.

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"The fear of failure is the main factor that prevents people from taking risks, which is unfortunate. I think it's good to fail at times. When you don't achieve the goal you set out for..."
Alison Levine,(University of Arizona 1987)
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