Open Enrollment Programs

Open Enrollment programs reflect our comprehensive multi-pronged learning approach and are designed for mid- to senior-level leaders across all industries, who want proven, practical tools for what it means to be a more effective, inspiring leader. Participants experience a fully immersive, blended leadership journey that demonstrates the significant connections between military leadership, and leadership in the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors. Our proprietary and validated assessment, the Thayer Leadership InventoryTM (TLI), sets the foundation for the leadership journey and is woven throughout each session. The TLI challenges individuals to be introspective and drives personal growth by evaluating six core leader dimensions with associated behaviors.

Our faculty are all inspirational leaders of character who have demonstrated superior leadership skills in highly challenging and ever-changing situations leading teams and individuals in extraordinary circumstances. Their experiences and knowledge help facilitate discussions that bring theory to life and provide mentorship and guidance in small, interactive applied academic and experiential sessions that reflect the leadership principles, values, and ethics from the Army and West Point. Participants actively hone these concepts and apply the skills through experiential activities, while simultaneously expanding their professional network.

Participants receive practical, insightful guidance on how to:

  • Explore your personal leadership principles and purpose
  • Become more resilient in difficult times
  • Leverage chaos to enhance mission success
  • Develop and maintain trust
  • Ensuring unity of action to achieve the mission
  • Leverage social networks, and much more

This was one of the most beneficial and illuminating courses on development I have attended. In addition to enjoying every moment of curriculum and time with the instructors, it left me with life lessons that will drive me in both a personal and professional capacity.
~ Eileen Braden, Former Vice President of Political Affairs and Federation Relations, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Leadership is a concept that seems mysterious even if you read a lot about it. This program really helped lift the veil for me.
~ Jim Rhinehart, Vice President, Kast Construction

Thayer not only explains the principals of leadership but provides the time / means to reflect and compare with peers to reinforce how similar we are in struggles and ways to improve.
~ David Zorrilla, Vice President, Preconstruction Services, Kast Construction

You will make amazing connections, learn from brilliant leaders in a safe setting. I highly recommend the women's only open enrollment. It gives you a chance to be your authentic self without having the usual stereotype thinking going on.
~ Kim Markgraf, Assistant Vice President Applications Development, USAA

Amazing amount of information that is extremely relevant and beneficial to all leaders at all levels. Valuable investment in yourself.
~ Mike MacDonald, Vice President, Kast Construction

Thayer Leadership is an opportunity to grow, develop and learn new things, regardless of your level of leadership ability. It is a well rounded program that focuses not only on the mind, but also the body. Be prepared to walk away a better person and of course, a stronger leader.
~ Ashlee Figg, Former Vice President, Business Development, Kast Construction

I met some amazing women who inspired me and learned a lot about myself and communicating with others. The most valuable and influential thing I took was to create a leadership philosophy. It sets in stone ones values, creates accountability and lets others know what to expect from you. 
~ Katy Haney, Former Manufacturing Manager, National Gypsum Company

Thayer + YOU

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"Most people spend 90% of their time on tasks and 10% on leadership. Start spending 50% of your time on leadership and you will notice that others will pick up the slack on the tasks."
Colonel Sean Hannah, Ph.D.,(USA, Retired, University of Nebraska)
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