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Custom programs are designed to meet the challenges and goals unique to an individual organization or group. Corporations and groups, in partnership with the faculty, will explore the core proficiencies leaders need to operate more effectively across multiple constituency groups in restrictive legal, regulatory, and changing environments. Graduates of our programs will possess the ability to leverage nonstandard capabilities to achieve novel solutions. Our graduates also will have the courage to see and exploit opportunities that others might pass by. They will internalize corporate values and ethical decision-making, which will become a part of their ability to create institutional adaptability and flexibility.

Thayer Leadership helps organizations with leadership and culture creation to better handle business challenges in a rapidly evolving business climate. Each program is jointly co-created with senior leaders within the organization to meet their intent and challenges. The combination of online, virtual, and in-person components establish context, enhance learning, and accelerate application.

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Do you have a shared assumption as a company about what is leadership? Is there a well understood corporate commitment to leaders and development of leaders? Do your leaders have a character-based leader identity and serve as leaders in all aspects of their lives? What are the organizational conditions that create a competitive advantage in developing and retaining the finest leaders in the business? Is there a formal and collectively understood developmental process for your leaders?

Learn how to:

  • Build a leadership pipeline
  • Ensure unity of action to achieve the mission while engendering freedom of maneuver with left and right limits and tolerance for risk to achieve an end state (Commander's Intent)
  • Build leadership competencies for a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world
  • Build trust: the cornerstone of leadership. Understand how trust is earned and how it is lost.
  • Handle crisis leadership and proactive crisis management via Red Teaming

All leadership and ethics training and keynote sessions are delivered by individuals who are some of the most highly regarded leadership experts in the world, most of whom are graduates of the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point or have taught leaders of character at West Point and in other Army institutions; and have significant military and academic experience. The faculty, all inspirational leaders of character, help bring theory to life and demonstrate meaningful connections between military leadership and leadership in the corporate, governments, and non-profit sectors. Below is a link to our faculty.

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"Decision making is not what you decide, it is how you decide."
Colonel Heidi Graham, Ed.D.,(USA, Retired, George Washington University)
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