Leaders Training Leaders: Applied Academics

By combining the Army’s leadership framework of “Be-Know-Do” with the character values based on West Point’s tradition of excellence and “Duty, Honor, Country,” Thayer Leadership provides customized leadership training to leaders in corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations from around the world.

All of the leadership and ethics training is led by faculty members, who are some of the most highly regarded leadership experts in the world and most are graduates of the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point. What sets our faculty apart is that they have extensive leadership experience leading large organizations, advanced degrees in leadership related fields, and have taught cadets or military officers.

Each of our faculty members is a role model who has demonstrated superior leadership skills in highly challenging and ever-changing situations while leading teams and individuals in extraordinary circumstances.

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Thayer faculty deliver a variety of course modules and learning opportunities that emphasize what is required to be a leader of character. Each session typically lasts between 2-4 hours and has a combination of three elements:

Academically grounded and practically applied leadership models, frameworks, and/or tools that stem from how West Point and the Army develops leaders;

Examples of how faculty members are applying/have applied these principles in their career; and

Hands-on applications by the participants to discuss and apply the concepts as it relates to their environment.

As a result of participating in Thayer programs, leaders can expect to better understand how to:

  • Increase innovation
  • Lead internal organizational growth
  • Improve overall quality of organization’s leadership
  • Develop the next generation of leaders
  • Increase employee commitment and retention

Below are samples of the types of content delivered by our expert faculty:

Leading Organization/Strategic

Establishing a Leader Culture: Turning Your Managers into Leaders

Leading Multicultural Teams and Organizations


Ethical Decision Making for Modern Leaders

Building Organizational Moral Capacity

Conflict/Pressure/Chaos Management

Leading in Constantly Changing Environments

Toxic Leadership and Effective Management of Difficult People

Personal Development

Building the Identity of a Leader

Trust: The Key to Impactful Leadership and Effective Team Building Leadership in Four Directions

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"We thought this was a great opportunity for us to leverage Thayer Leadership as a way to become almost our Crotonville, if you will, and that's how we talk about it here. I think anyone..."
Margaret Keane, President & CEO
Synchrony Financial

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