Digital Learning

Thayer’s digital learning delivers our proven learning process and leadership principles in innovative platforms to engage all levels of your organization with inspirational and applicable concepts and tools. Individually or in combination as part of a customized learning journey, Thayer’s Online and Virtual Live components enhance Thayer’s four-pronged learning approach to create robust, high-impact digital learning experiences.

  • Delivered through live virtual sessions or online courses to small groups or entire organizations
  • Access to our premier faculty with proven leadership experience and knowledge of leading through change and navigating common business challenges while strengthening and building successful teams and organizations
  • Designed for team members who are co-located, geographically dispersed, or working remotely from home offices
  • Engaging content for all levels of your organization, providing inspirational and applicable leadership concepts and tools

This is not standard leader development -- it’s the proven Thayer Leadership 4-pronged learning approach in a digital environment, inspiring individuals and teams and providing real solutions for business challenges. 


Digital Open Enrollment:

Our digital Open Enrollment offering combines Online and Virtual Live components to create an engaging digital leadership journey that challenges participants to combine character with knowledge and action, in order to unleash the “whole leader”.  A phased learning journey incrementally builds knowledge to repeat and refine application and encourage self-discovery.

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Online Courses:

Our exclusive online courses extend West Point’s military leadership lessons and Thayer Leadership’s proven learning process to an online setting, cascading learning throughout an organization by leveraging asynchronous and interactive content to explore the processes and personal values/principles that guide decision-making, and ultimately, effectiveness as a leader. Rich, multi-media content facilitates collective learning through cohort-based online communities that allows convenient, unrestricted access, and overcomes geographic barriers. Through these multi-day self-paced online courses, you gain exposure to our impressive faculty who develop and lead unique courses only available through Thayer Online.

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Virtual Live:

Our innovative virtual live learning experiences immerse participants in compelling, poignant conversations with expert battle- and boardroom-tested faculty and teaches them how to navigate daily change and disruption through interactive engagement. Our live digital experiential and team building exercises allow disperse teams to directly engage with each other and apply their learnings in real-time.

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Thayer + YOU

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"Leaders don't have bad have to keep cheering your people on, play hurt when necessary, and always be optimistic."
General Dennis Reimer,(USA, Retired, USMA 1962)
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