Open Enrollment at West Point

Battle-Tested Leadership Strategies: Lessons from the Army and West Point

Thayer's Open Enrollment programs at West Point are organized into three phases, creating an iterative development process across 7 weeks of blended learning that allows time to translate knowledge into action and explore practical exploration. Participants will complete digital learning components in Phase 1 and Phase 3 of the journey to establish context, enhance learnings, and accelerate cohort relationships before and after the immersive 4-day onsite experience at West Point in Phase 2. Expand your professional network and learn from others in different fields, while also developing and practicing new skills for successful leadership in this exclusive offering.

The faculty, all inspirational leaders of character and role models, facilitate classroom sessions that brings theory to life and demonstrates meaningful connections between military leadership, and leadership in the corporate, governments, and non-profit sectors; give keynote addresses; and provide mentorship and guidance in small interactive experiential sessions that reflect the leadership principles, values, and ethics from the Army and West Point.

The faculty for the online courses are:

Brigadier General (Retired) Becky Halstead

Colonel (Retired) Sean Hannah, Ph.D.

Colonel (Retired) Tom Magness, P.E.

A few of the onsite program faculty are:

Lieutenant General (Retired) Frank Kearney

Major General (Retired) Bryan Watson

Brigadier General (Retired) Maureen LeBoeuf, Ed.D.

Colonel (Retired) Pilar McDermott, Ph.D.

Colonel (Retired) Patrick Sweeney, Ph.D.

Colonel (Retired) Lee Van Arsdale

"The VUCA training our entire leadership team- VP and above learned through Thayer is truly driving the leadership and decisions they are making. They're moving in an incredibly agile and flexible way...and communication has been incredible. It has allowed us to continue operating in an unbelievably VUCA environment and serve the neighborhoods where we operate. Thought you should know- you would be proud if you could see this team in action. Thanks guys!" ”
~Joe DePinto, CEO, 7-Eleven

"The Thayer Leadership digital curriculum is unique and perfectly designed to grow talent across all levels and experience. The custom blend of self-paced online learning, self-reflection, and live virtual engagements with the team provided a highly-personalized and engaging experience ensuring optimal impact for all learning styles. My team truly enjoyed the experience and bonded further through the unique combination of live virtual sessions and powerful online learning, giving real leadership tools we are using right away. We look forward to leveraging our learnings as a Senior Staff and also, by having our entire Managerial team participate.”
~ Brian Watson, Sr. Director Region in Market Operations, Frito-Lay/Pepsi

"Thayer Leadership has had a profound, transformational impact on our firm. The incredible character and knowledge of the faculty and ownership; the awe-inspiring location of the Thayer Hotel; and the world class curriculum are second to none.”
~ Doug Sieg, Managing Partner, Lord Abbett & Co. LLC

"At the start of the [online] program, I was unsure if our participants would be able to maintain their course work in addition to their day jobs and home life, but that concern was quickly diminished. I was impressed with how well it was presented in small bites so that participants could maintain their homework assignments and activities. There was genuine excitement and responsiveness to the course material, which was designed for every type of leader. We were able to pull together 30 leaders from various locations within our organization to focus on their own development, which alone strengthened our team unit. We are looking forward to expanding to other leaders at Atlantic Broadband soon.”
~ Courtney Long, Former Vice President Customer Care, Atlantic Broadband

"I brought my team to West Point in order to be a catalyst for our Global Supply Team to work more closely together as one team. That event set the stage for the creation of a single global supply team and led to subsequent sessions at West Point which have proven to be exactly what we needed. The Thayer Online program that followed was a beneficial extension for our team. The program combined individual work, small team interactions and entire group sessions to create a truly blended learning environment. The material is outstanding; the combination of short videos and selected readings provide comprehensive and powerful leadership training.”
~ John Haller, Vice President Global Supply, Stryker Corporation

"We thought this was a great opportunity for us to leverage Thayer Leadership as a way to become almost our Crotonville, if you will, and that's how we talk about it here. I think anyone who’s passed through West Point and gone through any of the trainings that we have, everyone writes me notes afterwards what a life-changing experience it was in so many ways. And in many cases, those classes are only a week long but it's a way for us to allow employees to really come out of their day-to-day environment, work in an environment that has an enormous amount of history, but more importantly, a tremendous amount around leadership and things we can learn. I think, for us, we want to promote from within as best we can and so we have to make sure we're creating the future leaders of the company.”
~ Margaret Keane, President & CEO, Synchrony Financial   


  1. SWF – Stewart Newburgh Airport:  This is a short 20-minute drive to West Point but it’s a very small airport which doesn’t have a lot of options available in case of any flight cancellations.
  2. HPN – White Plains/Westchester County Airport:  This is a 45-minute drive to West Point but also a small airport which doesn’t have a lot of options available in case of any flight cancellations.
  3. EWR – Newark Airport:  This is your best option as it’s approximately a 70-minute drive to West Point and it has many flight options available for both domestic and international travel.  Please plan accordingly with transportation taking into account the NYC rush hour traffic.
  4. LGA – LaGuardia Airport: This is your second-best option, approximately a 75-minute drive to West Point.  It has many flight options but is much more difficult to get to in terms of traffic.
  5. JFK – John F. Kennedy Airport: This should be your last resort as it’s approximately a 100-minute drive to West Point but the travel time can be significant due to traffic.


Grand Central Station (NYC) | MTA Metro-North rail service uses the Hudson Line to access the Garrison, Peekskill, and Croton-Harmon train stations from Grand Central.  Please use this link to MTA Metro-North to view train schedules and ticket purchasing options. 


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"There’s power in the art of effective communication. A leader must not only develop an easily understood vision, but he has to communicate it to his team in a way that is understandable to all."
Lieutenant General Frank Kearney,(USA, Retired, USMA 1976)
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