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"We have had the honor of working closely with Thayer Leadership on both individual and team leadership development. Sending our emerging leaders to the Battle-Tested Leadership Strategies Open Enrollment program has now become standard practice for us and is an integral part of our program. Most recently, Brigadier General (Ret.) Rebecca Halstead, spoke with our Senior Managers about the key principles of leadership and the importance of leading yourself first. Using her Army and West Point experiences, Rebecca’s message was direct, humorous and extremely inspiring! We had our team read General Halstead’s book, “24/7: The First Person You Must Lead Is You” before the meeting, which set the stage for her dynamic presentation. Atlantic Broadband’s focus is on leadership with an emphasis on teamwork and innovation. “We operate as one team committed to ourselves and accountable to our customers.” Rebecca’s message spoke to the importance of that and can say that working with Thayer Leadership has truly been invaluable to our team!"
— Rich Shea, President & CEO

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"As strategic leaders, your life will increasingly be about the WHAT and WHY, not the HOW."
Major General Stephen Layfield,(USA, Retired, USMA 1978)
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