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"With EMCOR's focus on leader development, we have experienced both financial success, but more importantly, the successful development of people. In 2012, we embarked on a journey to train our top 200 leaders through our vigorous Leadership and Ethics program at Thayer. We have been pleased by the positive impact – not only on our leaders but also in the indirect positive impact on the people they lead. We have completed five programs with 150 leaders, and each program is better than the one before. We appreciate everything Thayer has done in support of EMCOR’s focus on strengthening our leaders and our commitment to have people led by individuals with the highest competence and character."
— Tony Guzzi, President & CEO

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"Your legacy is the people you develop. Have you developed the future?"
Colonel Patrick Sweeney, Ph.D.,(USA, Retired, USMA 1982)
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