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"I am approximately half-way through the Thayer Values Driven Leadership Journey. To date, the level of interaction and camaraderie for a remote training has far exceeded my expectations. The combination of lecture, reflections, and team interaction has been well orchestrated and in balance. This past weekend, I was discussing this digital program with a coworker who is a 2019 graduate of the on-site at West Point program. After we concluded our conversations, my firm belief is that the digital experience and training will have a deeper impact on my leadership than the 1-week on-site program. The combination of online and offline learning spread over multiple weeks is allowing me to practice in real time the learnings during the work week that I would not have had in an intensive 1-week course. I truly believe the digital format will have a deeper and longer lasting impact on my leadership abilities."
— Richard R. Kovarik, Vice President of ESL/Aseptic Operations

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"Decision making is not what you decide, it is how you decide."
Colonel Heidi Graham, Ed.D.,(USA, Retired, George Washington University)
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