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"Our business is a family-owned veterinary practice that has been in business for over 30 years under the same owner. Coming into the training with Thayer, there were some reservations from our leadership group about how relevant military-based leadership training would be to our organization. After only a few minutes of listening to Col. Magness, I could see that all eyes and ears were locked in on what he was saying, and nodding along as each person recognized similar challenges in communication and leadership. The acronym of VUCA really hit home with our doctors and staff, as it perfectly embodies the complexity of providing medical care for animals. As we listened to Lt. Col. Giles discuss how the military has evolved and adapted its own communication and leadership styles, we recognized that if the largest military in the world [fact check?] can recognize room for growth and change, and impart that change, then our organization certainly can, too. I cannot recommend this program highly enough! All of the Thayer team members we communicated with were incredibly organized and professional, and very invested in ensuring that our training program was as impactful as possible. The Urban Orienteering program really drove home the importance of learning by doing, as well as all of the other skills, tactics, and mentalities, that were had learned about earlier in the day. We have already begun to implement several key changes to the way our organization runs, based on our experience with Thayer, and I am very excited to see the impact of these changes in the days, months, and years to come!"
— Adam Furlong, Vice President - Operations

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"Leaders don't have bad days...you have to keep cheering your people on, play hurt when necessary, and always be optimistic."
General Dennis Reimer,(USA, Retired, USMA 1962)
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