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Mitigating Risk In Challenging Environments

By Colonel (Retired) Lee Van Arsdale, Thursday, October 15, 2020
Risk comes in so many different flavors that it makes Baskin Robbins’ ice cream flavors envious. There’s risk from competitors, insider threats, hostile foreign governments, natural disasters, supply chain vulnerabilities, reputational risk, and now a nasty virus. To me, the most significant risk is that which involves human life. For any leader of an organization that puts its people in harm’s way, there can be no greater factor in decision making. In the midst of a pandemic, most leaders now find themselves in this situation to some extent. Go back to work? Stay at home? Keep the people safe and lose the business? Risk people’s health in an attempt to salvage the business? Try and find a sweet spot; if one exists at all? Read More +

A New Way To Inspire Leaders

By Thayer Leadership, Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Long before a pandemic sent companies around the globe into a rethink-everything-we-do scramble, Thayer Leadership was training corporate leaders to cope with disruption. Thayer’s mission is to inspire and build leaders of character by offering leadership and ethics education grounded in time-honored military principles and values-based leadership delivered by proven leaders. Founded in the volatile economic year of 2010, with the goal of bringing the best of military leadership principles to the private sector, Thayer Leadership designed a cutting-edge, proprietary educational experience and recruited top retired U.S. Army officers and West Point faculty who were “battle and boardroom tested” to share with corporate leaders practical applications of how to navigate during times of unprecedented and unrelenting disruption. Read More +

Does Your Company Actually Live Its Values?

By Brigadier General (Retired) Bernard Banks, Ph.D., Monday, September 14, 2020
Few companies set out to be corrupt, or knowingly employ unprincipled people. And none want their employees' actions splashed across newspapers, going viral for all the wrong reasons. So how can it be that - in an age of organizational values statements and corporate social responsibility - fraudulent or otherwise unethical behavior continues to persist? It turns out that getting people across the organization to actually adopt a company's value system can be easier said than done. Read More +

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General Vincent K. Brooks

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What's Your Leadership Philosophy?

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How Will You Get After It In 2020?

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