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The Untapped Merit Of Military Spouses

By Allison F. Capozza, Marketing Director, and Christine Rose, HR Manager, Wednesday, May 03, 2023
At Thayer Leadership, we consistently hear from corporate leaders who want to support veterans and their families but do not know how to start. As a veteran-owned company with 84% faculty with former military service and 64% staff who are military spouses or former military service, we love giving proven advice about how to support military families. Often overlooked, undervalued, underemployed or unemployed, military spouses offer an opportunity for corporations to show their support of military families and simultaneously discover a uniquely qualified talent pool. To bring a personal perspective to what HR leaders should understand when tapping into this talent pool, we talked with several military spouses at Thayer Leadership in West Point, New York. Read More +

Ukraine: Leadership Lessons From The Front Line

By Thayer Leadership, Friday, January 06, 2023
Dan is the Co-President of Thayer Leadership and a 1988 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He is also President of the American University Kyiv, powered by Arizona State University, the first American accredited University in Ukraine. In May 2022, Dan was named the Special Advisor to the Commander in Chief Ukraine Armed Forces General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi and has been traveling between Washington, D.C. and Kyiv throughout the war. Dan's unique insights into how Ukraine has held fast in the face of Russian aggression is explained by exemplary values-based leadership, role modeled on U.S. military principles taught for over two hundred years in the United States Army. With Dan's exclusive access to the General, front-line research, and keen insights, he has uncovered how the Ukrainian military leader development model and learning has upheld their culture against aggression. Read More +