Ukraine: Leadership Lessons From The Front Line

By Thayer Leadership, Friday, January 06, 2023

Dan is the Co-President of Thayer Leadership and a 1988 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He is also President of the American University Kyiv, powered by Arizona State University, the first American accredited University in Ukraine. In May 2022, Dan was named the Special Advisor to the Commander in Chief Ukraine Armed Forces General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi and has been traveling between Washington, D.C. and Kyiv throughout the war.

Dan's unique insights into how Ukraine has held fast in the face of Russian aggression is explained by exemplary values-based leadership, role modeled on U.S. military principles taught for over two hundred years in the United States Army. With Dan's exclusive access to the General, front-line research, and keen insights, he has uncovered how the Ukrainian military leader development model and learning has upheld their culture against aggression.

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Dan Rice, President of the American University Kyiv (AUK)


Interviews of Dan Rice on CNN: Out Front with Erin Burnett

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Articles Written by Dan Rice

Global Call to Action: De-Mining Ukraine Requires International Collaboration and Investment
(Small Wars Journal; 25 March 2023)

Provide Ukraine with the Submunitions It Needs for Effective Drone Warfare
(Small Wars Journal; 8 March 2023)

NATO, Pres. Zelenskyy Should Both Win Nobel Peace Prize
(Newsmax; 7 March 2023)

Victory in the Battle of Kyiv: A Story of Ukrainian Resilience and Strategy
(Small Wars Journal; 21 February 2023)

'Failure to Imagine' in Russia-Ukraine War Costly
(Newsmax; 19 January 2023)

History Repeats – Putin Makes Same Fatal Mistake as Hitler
(Newsmax; 4 January 2023)

Ukraine is the Modern-Day Sparta 
(Small Wars Journal; 28 October 2022)

Observations from the Donbas Front 
(Small Wars Journal; 5 August 2022)

The Untold Story of the Battle of Kyiv
(Small Wars Journal; 31 May 2022)

General Zaluzhnyi handing painting to Dan Rice.


Articles with Contributions by Dan Rice

The War for Peace: One Person's Quest to Make a Difference in Ukraine
(Dr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy - University of Pennsylvania; 16 Apr 2023)

Dan Rice talks about why Ukrainian counteroffensive shocks the world and how to tame Russia after victory
(New Voice Ukraine; 23 Mar 2023)

Zaluhzny Advisor Dan Rice Appointed President of American University Kyiv
(Kyiv Post; 17 Mar 2023)

ATACMS to require no additional training for Ukrainians
(Ukraine media, UKRInform; 16 Mar 2023)

Tanks, but No Tanks
(Foreign Policy; 18 January 2023)

Ukraine's Artillery Did The Most Killing Around Kyiv, Ultimately Saving The City From Russian Occupation
(Forbes; 26 December 2022)

Cluster Munitations Could Become "Game Changer" if Provided to Ukraine
(Ukraine media, UKRInform; 22 December 2022)

Ukraine War Provides Leadership Lessons From the Battlefront
(Chief Executive magazine; 7 November 2022)

Inside the Ukrainian Counterstrike that Turned the Tide of the War
(TIME magazine; 26 September 2022)

It’s Churchillian: Lessons from Ukraine’s Commander in Chief
(Chief Executive magazine; 6 July 2022)


Books with Contributions by Dan Rice

(Kyiv Consulting; 2022)

Podcasts with Discussions by Dan Rice

The World Today-Episode Five: Dan Rice
(Foreign Policy Association 1918; December 2022)