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TLDG Celebrates its 3 Year Anniversary!
Monday, May 13, 2013

The Thayer Leader Development Group celebrated its third-year anniversary on May 11! The past 3 years have been an incredible time, which has included TLDG being recognized, twice, as one of the best leadership programs in the United States. TLDG has conducted over 200 programs for approximately 8,000 executives in many of the nation’s largest organizations including GE, P&G, Deloitte, EMCOR, USAA, 7-Eleven, Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, and many more.TLDG’s tremendous success is due in large part to the talented, dynamic faculty team that includes retired generals, colonels, and other officers who epitomize the leadership principles taught at West Point and the US Army. In addition to their advanced degrees, the faculty have experience leading large organizations in both peace and war. They understand the challenges of leadership and have learned how to successfully overcome the same struggles many corporate leaders face. However, most importantly, these great leaders are highly adept at sharing with business executives how the leadership lessons may translate into environments outside the military.

Mr. Bill Murdy (USMA ’64), Chairman of TLDG, recalled a meeting he recently had with an executive who had attended a TLDG program. Mr. Murdy shared, “this executive stated in front of the CEO and Head of HR that the 4 days at TLDG were literally life-changing.” This executive embraced the training and is now better prepared to help develop other leaders in his organization, as well as advance to more senior executive positions within his organization.

TLDG would like to thank its clients for allowing TLDG to be part of their journey for leadership development excellence. TLDG also thanks its dedicated and talented staff, faculty, and the team at The Historic Thayer Hotel for the great partnership we have enjoyed over the last 3 years. Without these individuals, TLDG would not be able to provide such a unique, high-quality experience to our participants.

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