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IN THEATERS NOW!! Colonel Greg Gadson in "Battleship - The Movie"
Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colonel Greg Gadson is not only an actor in one of the Summer of 2012’s biggest action movies, playing “Mick Canales,” he is a decorated Army commander who served in Iraq. In 2007 Gadson lost both of his legs when his car was hit by a roadside bomb. When the creators of "Battleship" wanted to include a character who had been wounded in the film, Gadson’s story of recovery made him the ideal candidate. Colonel Gadson continues to serve our country with pride and as a great example of what a leader is! A highly decorated soldier, Gadson was Commander of the 2nd Battalion, 32 Field Artillery in Iraq when on the evening of May 7, 2007, he was severely wounded by an IED resulting in the loss of both legs above the knee and a severely damaged right arm and hand.

Refusing to be defined by the proverbial “hail of bullets,” he has since drawn upon the lessons of "Pride, Poise, and Team" learned as a West Point Army Football linebacker and applied them to his life, his career and his family. Despite Gadson’s greatest challenge, he remains on active duty service in the military and continues to inspire many with his message of courage, perseverance, determination, and teamwork.

He is currently the Director of the U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program, also called AW2. He is the next Garrison Commander at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Note that Colonel Gadson is wearing a NY Giants cap in the film. He is an Honorary Team Captain and has 2 Super Bowl rings. 

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