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Mercedes-Benz Leadership Academy Phase II Wraps Up at TLDG with 99.5% Net Promoter Score
Friday, July 28, 2017

WEST POINT, NY, July 28, 2017 – The Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point (TLDG) had been awarded the Mercedes-Benz Leadership Academy Phase II (MBLA II) program, entitled "Lead Your Team", in October 2015. On June 13, 2017, TLDG completed the 64th and final program for MBLA II with a total Net Promoter Score of 99.5%. TLDG is humbled to have partnered with Mercedes-Benz to drive leadership success within their organization.


Dietmar Exler, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz USA, said, "This Leadership Academy was created to support and develop our most important asset of our organization: our people. The program [was] created in partnership with one of the world's best centers for leadership development: the Thayer Leader Development Group. We chose Thayer because they are specialists in developing leaders of high performing organizations."  

Mercedes-Benz leaders from dealerships across the United States traveled to West Point over a period of 64 weeks to experience MBLA II at the inspirational Historic Thayer Hotel along the Hudson River, where Presidents, Kings and Diplomats have stayed since 1926. This custom-designed program was created by MBUSA and TLDG to support the Mercedes-Benz Leadership Academy's objectives, with full immersion into leader development.

 By the numbers...

  • 3,540 Mercedes-Benz leaders in total
  • 55 leaders per week
  • 64 weeks of experiential learning
  • 3-days, 2-nights at West Point

From the participants…

“Every part of this program was first class.  Beautiful setting, proven leadership training, inspirational speakers and group leaders.  The best I have ever been a part of.  Many thanks to TLDG for a job well done and to MBUSA for bringing us to this training.” 

“The venue was fantastic, the curriculum was great, the networking was terrific. I had a wonderful time with everything, the food, the reaction course, the orienteering and more. Mercedes-Benz and TLDG did a great job on this one.”

“This was hands down the best training experience I've been involved with, and will apply what I learned to both my personal and professional lives. It was an honor to be invited to participate and I feel like everyone did a fantastic job. HOOAH!”

Rick Minicozzi, Chief Executive Officer of the Thayer Leader Development Group and the Historic Thayer Hotel said, "We were honored and humbled to be awarded MBLA Phase II program and were excited to have Mercedes-Benz leaders from across the nation travel to the Historic Thayer Hotel at West Point and experience leader development at the Thayer Leader Development Group."

Founded in 2010 by U.S. Army veterans, TLDG has trained more than 31,500 executives and front-line leaders from over 500 companies across a variety of industries including automotive, financial services, medical, pharmaceutical, professional sports franchises, and more with customized, open enrollment, and online learning programs.

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