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In Northwestern Now - Leader Training Leaders: Alumnus Dan Rice connects American heroes with corporate leaders using military lessons
Monday, November 20, 2017

Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG) President Dan Rice speaks with Northwestern University’s Alumni publication for a Veterans Day Q&A on what he’s learned about leadership, the role TLDG plays in closing the civilian-military gap and three key lessons for leaders. Deloitte board chair Mike Fucci said of TLDG, “The teamwork we created there was amazing, and it’s still lasting.”

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To Lead Is To Serve - A Practitioner's Handbook on Servant Leadership
By Len Marrella (USMA '57)

"Leaders don't have bad have to keep cheering your people on, play hurt when necessary, and always be optimistic."
General Dennis Reimer,(USA, Retired, USMA 1962)
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