Author’s Corner

Athena’s Bridge: Essays on Strategy and Leadership
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Michael Hennelly, Ph.D.

What do the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and the Disney-Pixar relationship have in common? There are two worlds of strategy and leadership, but most people are only aware of one. One of these is the military world, thousands of years old. The other is the corporate world, astonishingly new in comparison. Both of these worlds have developed valuable insights into strategy and leadership. The problem is that MBA students rarely study the military world and soldiers rarely study the corporate world. As a result, many strategic leaders have an unnecessarily limited understanding of leadership and strategy. Each could learn from the other to deepen their understanding and provide a richer and more diverse view of strategy and leadership. This book is designed to be a bridge between these two worlds.

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"The fear of failure is the main factor that prevents people from taking risks, which is unfortunate. I think it's good to fail at times. When you don't achieve the goal you set out for..."
Alison Levine,(University of Arizona 1987)
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