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Leadership Xcellence: The Heart of Leadership Is Not Business, It's Personal
Major General (Retired) Keith Thurgood, Ph.D.

To make significant progress, you must be willing to make changes and move forward on your personal path to "becoming" a great leader. Yes, leadership is about influence and bringing others along with you, but you will discover that the heart of great leadership is not necessarily about activity.

It is about "becoming" the kind of leader that you know you should be.

Leadership Xcellence is a tool that provides the right direction and azimuth regardless of where you are today.

This book is for you, whether you are:

  • A student or recent hire who hasn't been able to test your leadership wings in situ-but desire to get as much right as possible as early as possible.
  • A seasoned leader who has too often witnessed the disengagement of your team or has never quite achieved full engagement at any time.
  • A leader who recognizes the problem is not in the team or "out there", but right here, with you, right now.
  • A leader who faces the challenges of change management and change leadership and is looking in the mirror wondering what the solution could possibly be.
  • A leader who is charged with developing the next generation of leaders and needs a place to begin.
  • An individual who simply finds persistent dissatisfaction in their workplace performance.

    To sustain long-term influence, the real question is not about what you do, but who you are.

    Leadership Xcellence gives you the tools and formulas to assess your current leadership and to achieve the next level of personal and organizational Xcellence.

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    "As strategic leaders, your life will increasingly be about the WHAT and WHY, not the HOW."
    Major General Stephen Layfield,(USA, Retired, USMA 1978)
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