Rebecca Barth
(Kenyon College)
Instructional Design Associate

Rebecca graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in English. After a few years of working in both the healthcare network and financial industries, she moved far from the Midwest, and went on to complete a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her plan was to become a high school English teacher, a plan she soon realized after a move back to Ohio.

Due to the arrival of a family and many moves around the country, Rebecca’s time in the classroom was shorter than she anticipated, but she found other ways to incorporate her love of teaching and literature into her regular routine. Upon landing in the Hudson Valley, she took a position as a Library Assistant at the Cornwall Public Library, initially working primarily with the Youth Services Department. Her English teacher skills were further utilized when she simultaneously took a part-time position as a Professional Writing Consultant in the Mounger Writing Center at USMA. On the surface, straddling the differences between working with toddlers at a story time in the morning and West Point cadets on their academic papers in the afternoon might seem impossible. But for Rebecca it solidified that teaching, in any and every capacity, was what she was designed to do and what she enjoys most.

Rebecca currently lives in Cornwall, New York with her two children and husband Chris, the Library Director of the USMA Library. When not working, Rebecca enjoys spending time in her garden, corresponding with friends and family, reading a good historical fiction and volunteering in her community.