Nicole Dabkowski
(University of Georgia)
Merchandise Coordinator

Nicole received her BS in Mathematics from the University of Georgia, and it was in Athens, as a mentor and tutor for the UGA football team, that her love for leadership began. Go Dawgs!

Since meeting and marrying her Active-Duty Army husband over two decades ago, Nicole has been on the adventure of a lifetime. She has lived overseas, in all four corners of the continental United States, and in the nation’s Heartland. These nine moves have provided her with many opportunities to lead, mentor, and facilitate in both civilian and military organizations.

Nicole joined Thayer in 2018 as an observer controller for in-person experientials. As the pandemic forced Thayer to innovate, Nicole did the same and began serving as an observer controller for virtual experientials, an online guide for Thayer’s virtual programs, and as a technical support staff member for online sessions. She continues in these roles today, as well as leads Thayer’s morning physical training sessions, and she is looking forward to her newest role as merchandise coordinator.

Outside of Thayer, Nicole serves on the Board of Directors for Emmaus House, a nonprofit organization that transitions orphaned Haitian youth into independent living. She currently resides at West Point, where her husband is an instructor and two of her five children are cadets. She enjoys hot weather, blue skies, beach vacations, and good company.