Lizzie Gruhl
(Northeastern University)
Instructional Design Specialist

Joining the Thayer Leadership team in January 2021, Lizzie Gruhl brings a passion for education and knowledge of learning design from experience in the traditional classroom and adult learning expertise. She has been a traditional teacher for 4 years after obtaining her Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education from SUNY New Paltz. During her time as a teacher, she particularly enjoyed continuing her education through training. This inspired her to get her Masters of Education with a concentration in Instructional Design and eLearning. She has created comprehensive, high-quality, online and collaborative courses through her masters degree. She continues to explore new ways to create high-quality online learning experiences and is excited to help Thayer do so as well. She aspires to help others continue to learn how to be the best they can be in their current work and beyond.  

Lizzie has a love of learning, whether through her own love of documentaries and reading, or through helping others learn. She is inspired by the process of learning and the outcomes that come with it. She hopes to one day continue her learning and obtain a doctorate in education.  

Lizzie was born by the sea and has been chasing it ever since. She has traveled up and down the east coast as well as the United Kingdom, France, and Canada, always finding herself by a coastline. She grew up in the Hudson Valley and is continuously inspired by the rich history of the area and the beautiful views of all the seasons. When she is not working or learning, she is enjoying quality time with her family and her rescue puppy, Ralph.