Jordan Payne
(Boyce College)
Client Relations Associate Coordinator

Jordan was born in the Keller Hospital at West Point and grew up moving all across the country. The majority of Jordan’s exposure to Army leadership came from her 12 years as a military kid, as she and her siblings were taught and influenced by the example of their father, LTC (Ret.) Todd Gile. This example has grown and evolved during her different positions of leadership, including being an assistant advisor in her college dorm and assistant throwing coach to high school track and field athletes – both of which capture two of her passions: discipleship relationships and physical exercise. After graduating in 2019 from Boyce College at Southern Seminary, she spent the summer in Alaska before finally settling back to Louisville, Kentucky. Jordan is familiar with Thayer Leadership, as, starting in 2019, she worked intermittently as an intern with marketing on special projects and, in her free time, supporting some of her dad’s client relations efforts.

Jordan lives in Louisville, KY with her husband, Caleb, and spends her time enjoying outdoor activities, serving in her local church, cooking, yoga, reading multiple books at a time, and loving her newly acquired title as “Auntie Jords,” thanks to her two older siblings.