Cindy Schretzman
(University of North Georgia)
Digital and Instructional Design Coordinator

Cindy is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of Gardner-Webb University (GWU), where she earned her B.S. in Education. While at GWU, Cindy was a member of the NCAA D1 softball team, earning Big South Athletic and Academic All-Conference honors. Following her passion to continue her education and athletics, Cindy earned her M.Ed. degree at the University of North Georgia, while working as an Athletic Administration graduate assistant. Her passion in the classroom has since been used to educate, lead, and inspire middle- and high-school students across the nation in both the private and public sectors.

As a former military spouse, Cindy held roles as a middle-school and high-school teacher, coach, non-profit organizer, and college counseling coordinator. With her diverse experience and advanced understanding of education systems, Cindy drove process improvement and change, leading efforts to modernize, standardize, and improve operations while building trust and demonstrating competency.

Cindy lives in Tampa, Florida with her two children and her husband Zack, a 2014 USMA graduate and current Senior Business Associate at Citigroup.  After leaving the military and making their first civilian move, the Schretzman family is honored to get back to their roots by helping to share the principles and values of West Point and the Army, which was so instrumental to their success.