Becky Saxe, Ed.S.
(Liberty University)
Instructional Design Specialist

Becky Saxe received her B.S. Degree in Education from SUNY New Paltz. After teaching in the private sector a few years, she returned to earn her M.S. Degree in Special Education from Mount Saint Mary College. In 2015, Becky completed her Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S) from Liberty University, where she is ABD towards her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. In 21 years of being in the education field, Becky has taught at the elementary, junior, and senior high levels. Additionally, she taught as an adjunct instructor in the Educational Studies Department at SUNY New Paltz, teaching Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education as well as Child Psychology and Development to preservice teachers.

Becky has also given lectures to leaders in schools throughout Chengdu and Beijing, China, with a focus on the Philosophical Foundations of American Education and Strategies for Applying to American Colleges and Universities. In 2010, Becky began to combine her loves of education, music and travel by teaching on international tours to both Israel and Holland, where she also performed as a vocalist in various locations. Those experiences led to the completion of her book, He Is: Who God is to His People. Additionally, Becky served in the United States Marine Corps from 1989-1993 as a Marine Musician where she performed as a pianist in a variety of settings, both nationally and abroad.

Becky is the mom of two children, who are the center of her world. She is a native of and still resides in the Hudson Valley.