Madison Frost
(Boston College)
Instructional Design Specialist

Madison received her B.A. from Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology and Elementary Education. She earned her status as a "double eagle" when she went on to pursue her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction at Boston College in 2014.

Madison is a Massachusetts native but spent 2 years teaching at a private school in Anchorage, Alaska from 2014-2016.  As an educator, Madison led curriculum revision initiatives and advocated for developmentally appropriate practice.  She received extensive training in Project Based Learning, a style of teaching that encourages students to tackle and investigate complex, real-world questions and challenges. Madison has also spent time teaching abroad in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Madison has worked for Thayer Leadership since June 2016, when she began as an Assistant Program Manager. She later transitioned into the role of Program Manager and now serves as Lead Program Manager, a role that allows her to oversee all programs and train Thayer Leadership's talented team of program managers. What excites Madison most about working with Thayer Leadership is witnessing how transformational Thayer Leadership programs are for participants and organizations. 

In her free time, Madison enjoys doing CrossFit, going on walks with her golden retriever Jack Frost, and exploring the Hudson Valley with her husband David, who is a Captain in the Army and an instructor in West Point's Department of Military Instruction.