Colonel Heidi Graham, Ed.D.
(USA, Retired, George Washington University)

Leader and Leadership Development, Strategic Planning/Decision-Making

Dr. Graham has 28 years of leadership experience. She served in leadership assignments both in the U.S. and on three other continents, to include teaching leadership and at the U.S. Military Academy as well as operational planning and decision-making for the Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. She has served as a Battalion Commander (General Manager) of a petroleum pipeline unit responsible for providing fuel for all U.S. forces stationed in Korea.

Dr. Graham is currently a Senior Fellow at the Logistics Management Institute, a not for profit strategic management consultancy founded by Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara to solve the Nations’ most complex business and logistics challenges. At LMI, she specializes in strategic planning and leader development for Federal government agencies.

An expert facilitator, Dr. Graham has guided groups of flag officers and senior executive servants in more than 30 executive planning sessions across the government. Of note was her facilitation for GEN Ann Dunwoody, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Materiel Command, the Chief Information Officer for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force Officer Development Panel, responsible for guiding the development of high performance officers across the Air Force. 

Scholarly Work/Publications/Awards:
Her research interests center on leadership and leader development in within complex adaptive systems. Dr. Graham’s doctoral dissertation was published in 2010 and focused on the nature of co-influencing leader-follower relationships.
Dr. Graham is currently conducting narrative research with senior military leaders to identify life experiences that facilitate leader effectiveness when leaders allow themselves to be significantly influenced by those they lead.

Ed.D, Human Resources Development, The George Washington University                                                      
M.A., Human Resources Development, Webster University                                                                                            
B.S., Economics, College of William and Mary

Member of American Society for Training and Development

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Leadership Quote

"Decision making is not what you decide, it is how you decide."
Colonel Heidi Graham, Ed.D.