Colonel John Vermeesch
(USA, Retired, USMA 1990)

Galvanizing teams to accomplish difficult missions, leadership and management, leadership development, coaching, character/ethical development, organizational culture, and strategic planning

John combines recent corporate experience with 28 years of leading Army organizations and his unique academic background to expertly craft strategic vision and translate it into operational success while adeptly developing leaders and high performing teams. His military career began upon graduation from the United States Military Academy in 1990. He served as an infantry officer, leading and training soldiers in Kentucky, Georgia, Alaska, New York, Kansas, and Iraq. He has deployed to combat three times during Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. He earned a Master of Science in leadership development and counseling from Long Island University, CW Post which he used at West Point as a leader development program integrator. Returning to the operational Army he again served as an infantry leader, training and developing large organizations for worldwide contingencies. During his most recent deployment he commanded a 900+ person organization in Baghdad delivering security, economic development, and essential services to 3.1 million people in an area roughly the size of Philadelphia. Returning to West Point, he served as the lead program integrator for leadership and character development for 3,000+ undergraduates within a complex system of intellectual, physical and military development that produces leaders of character for the nation. At the U.S. Army War College John studied strategic planning and military professions. His final Army assignment was as the Director of the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, an enterprise level center of excellence that shapes the Army’s understanding of itself as a unique American military Profession that adheres to its Ethic and develops the character of all its members. Formerly, John was the Director of Leadership Development at Thermo Fisher Scientific where he was responsible for executive development, the talent assessment strategy, the design and delivery of functional development programs for high potential talent, and the design of global ethical development programs.

Scholarly Work/Publications/Awards
In 2013, John published his War College thesis, “Trust Erosion and Identity Corrosion” in Military Review which addressed significant challenges to the Army Profession for the future. In 2015 he published an article, “Army Spotlights Professional Ethic” in Army Magazine highlighting his work to codify the Army Ethic. In 2016 he coauthored an article, “Character Development” in Army Magazine highlighting the Army’s emerging, and ground breaking, framework for character development. In addition to his numerous military awards, including the Purple Heart, John received the US Army War College Public Speaking Award and was the US Army Ranger School Distinguished Officer Honor Graduate of his class.

MSS, US Army War College, Carlisle, PA
MS, Leader Development and Counseling, Long Island University Post, Brookville, NY
BS, International Relations, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 

John loves all sports and is an avid outdoorsman. When he is not pursuing his professional passion of inspiring leaders to make the world and the workplace better, you will find him at one of his son’s games or taking in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.