Leading High-Performing Teams

Developed by Colonel (Retired) Tom Magness, Leading High-Performing Teams provides an exceptional opportunity for leaders in charge of teams to learn how to achieve critical business objectives by maximizing their team’s success. Ineffective team leadership can cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue, missed opportunities, preventable waste, and poor personnel decisions. The course weaves in successful U.S. Army leadership and teambuilding principles and tools that can be applied to any organization, such as: Leader’s Intent, Back Brief, Situational Awareness, and the After-Action-Review.

In this course, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover methods to plan and secure team buy-in for an ambitious vision
  • Learn and apply a 4-stage framework (Plan, Prepare, Execute, Learn) – used extensively by the U. S. Army to drive successful operations – to guide your team to higher performance levels
  • Understand how to develop synergy and why empowerment leads to improved performance
  • Learn how to conduct After-Action-Reviews (AARs) to support team learning

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The course is designed as a 7-lesson or 3-hour learning journey – equivalent to a half-day short workshop – with self-paced work, group discussions, and daily collaboration.

  • Participants work on their own, self-paced time, equivalent to 45 minutes per day
  • Cohorts pace together to optimize collaboration and experiential learning from others
  • Organizations can send a homogenous group of leaders through the experience together as a cohort

“Clear, relevant, actionable framework”

“Leveraged the invaluable leadership lessons from the military as well as compelling lessons from business and sports.”

“The stories were powerful and practical.”

“I honestly believe this program will help me to become a better leader.”


Colonel (Retired) Tom Magness, West Point graduate and Airborne Ranger, has amassed more than 26 years of military experience leading teams that ranged in size from 30 to 1400 in assignments around the world, including 4 years as a teacher/coach/consultant at the U.S. Army’s National Training Center. In this course, COL Magness shares personal leadership and teamwork lessons that served as the foundation of his successful military and civilian careers. Based on his book Leader Business – Battle-Tested Leadership Strategies For Any Organization, this course teaches how inspiring and developing the team, empowering team members, and communicating effectively as a leader become critical enablers of mission success. 

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"If you want people to perform as if you were around, everyone needs to understand the organizational values. Leaders need to regularly communicate and reward organizational values."
General Rick Hillier,(Canada, Retired, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
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